Got a question about scaffolding?

We’re happy to answer any question you have about scaffolding. We’ve included the most commonly asked questions here for your convenience. For all quotes and enquiries or to discuss a scaffolding project, speak with our team in Brisbane. We deliver and erect scaffolding for residential, commercial, and civil projects throughout South East Queensland.

Civil Scaffolding

Where can mobile scaffold be used?

Mobile scaffold can be used in tight areas or where completed buildings such as shopping centres, houses, and commercial job sites, so as not to damage the finished surface.

How flexible and easy it is to erect mobile scaffold?

Mobile scaffold is lightweight, and its module can easily be carried in long distances to work areas to access hard to reach places. Because it is modular it can be built as fast as it is a standard design with basic steps to erect and dismantle.


Commercial Scaffolding

What is the general use for steel scaffold?

Steel scaffold can be used on all construction projects from housing to hi-rise buildings. Steel scaffold allows for safe working decks for all trades throughout the construction phase and containment sheeting also protects the public.

What benefits does steel scaffold have over aluminium scaffold?

Steel scaffold is more versatile than aluminium scaffold as the load rating on steel scaffold is higher. Regular aluminium scaffold maximum rating is 225 kg per bay whereas steel scaffold has a maximum rating of 675 kg per bay. This assists bricklayers, renderers, and form workers, as more material can be placed on the scaffold for installation.

Can steel scaffold be used for anything else other than edge protection?

Steel scaffold has multiple uses, can be used to support slabs to be cut out for penetrations, to support form decks supporting steel and concrete and be used for access stairs to rooftops, trenches, or residential buildings.

Aluminium Scaffolding

What is the main purpose of aluminium scaffold?

The best use of aluminium scaffold is for installation on roofs or finished surfaces that need lightweight scaffolding for minimal damage. Aluminium scaffold is to be carried across roofs without damaging surfaces and allows a safe working deck to be built with minimal loads on the roof structure below.

Commercial Labour Hire

What is Commercial Labour Hire?

You can call up and request labour to complete certain jobs. We have employees that are trained in high risk licence, dogman, scaffolding, rigging, Elevated Work Platform and scissor lift operators.

As a client, how long can I hire your contractors for?

We have a large client base, we regularly hire our employees from 4 hours to weeks or months. We supply the correct labour to complete the needs of your request.

Do you do labour hire for interstate or out of South East QLD Work?

Quikscaff has sent employees to Sydney for stage work, Rockhampton for commercial buildings, to Mackay for civil projects. No matter what your request we can support your needs for any location or job complexity.


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