Steel scaffolding on the Gold Coast & in Brisbane for high-rises, residential, and civil bridge construction

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Heights are no problem for Quikscaff. We are a multi-skilled team with employees being trained in scaffolding, dogman, EWP and Forklift. We can assist with scaffolding for short term and long term projects like for new builds, and temporary or ongoing scaffolding for maintenance works. For Gold Coast & Brisbane labour hire, be sure to get in touch with one of our team members for more information!

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What is the general use for steel scaffold?

Steel scaffold can be used on all construction projects from housing to hi-rise buildings. Steel scaffold allows for safe working decks for all trades throughout the construction phase and containment sheeting also protects the public.

What benefits does steel scaffold have over aluminium scaffold?

Steel scaffold is more versatile than aluminium scaffold as the load rating on steel scaffold is higher. Regular aluminium scaffold maximum rating is 225 kg per bay whereas steel scaffold has a maximum rating of 675 kg per bay. This assists bricklayers, renderers, and form workers, as more material can be placed on the scaffold for installation.

Can steel scaffold be used for anything else other than edge protection?

Answer # 3 – Steel scaffold has multiple uses, can be used to support slabs to be cut out for penetrations, to support form decks supporting steel and concrete and be used for access stairs to rooftops, trenches, or residential buildings.

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